We not only want to demand a climate and socially just food system. We want to make those exciting places of the food transition in Berlin visible, where the future is already being demonstrated! At our action conference last year, a workshop was looking for suitable formats.

Now we can show you the result: Two audio guides take you to interesting projects that focus on changing the food system in very different ways. At each station in the Berlin neighbourhoods of Wedding and Kreuzberg, participants describe what is happening there and why they are involved. These range from community gardens like the Wilde 17 and the intercultural “Rosenduftgarten” (rose-scented garden) to the Roof Water Farm, which grows lettuce with shower water. The listeners can stroll through the city and get information about the mosaic stones of a sustainable food system in an entertaining way.

Audio Guides: Listening to the taste of future — food policy walks through Berlin’s neighbourhoods